Friday, 20 September 2019

Random Saturday Ep. 29: Feral, Wildworks' New Game

Hey all, Blue here with today's Random Saturday!
Today I will be talking about Animal Jam's game-in-development, Feral.
Feral is Wildworks way to try to get some of the older players in AJ to stay in the game. It's gonna be focused on the older generation, and wont have as many chat filters. You can talk about instagram or youtube or whatever!
Feral is going to be a mythological-based game. Not much is known about it.
The developers in Wildworks have leaked a character, which can be seen in Approx's video here:
Image result for feral aj
The only other character that the community knows of is the Kitsune, a many-tailed fox-like animal.
No images of it have come out yet.

Think that sounds cool? There's more!
Similar to AJPC and AJPW your animal can be customized and patterned so that it is unique, and of course you can dress it up with items. But here's the twist. While there will probably still be items you can win or buy, Feral will let you make, yes MAKE, your own items to use and trade! I don't know the exact details, whether you can design them from scratch or whether you have to use a base, but thats pretty cool!

Feral will also have things similar to Adventures, but they will be called Quests and be slightly more involved with the game's storyline. Similar to Minecraft, you use materials you gather in quests to craft items.

Feral will be for all platforms, and it will not be solely download. Feral's Beta testing has been said to be coming December this year or early 2020.
This new game is being developed by PlayWild's team, so it will be 3D. I cannot wait!

Hope you guys liked this post!!
Stay safe, Jam on!

Friday, 13 September 2019

Wolfartist44 (Play Wild)

What's up everyone! Today I have someone who may or may not scammed, but showed an attempt to. I don't have many pictures of the chat history because it went by so quickly, so if you don't believe me, it's ok. Without further ado, lets go!

I was in the AJPW sapphire shop when I saw wolfartist44 advertising for a "game". They said that they will wear whatever you trade them, and trade it back to you. My first though of that was that it could be an attempt at trust trading. So, I asked them if we will really get our items back. This was their reply:

I went ahead to ask further questions. I asked them if they were sure, and they said that they were sure. Then, I told them that they could just run away with the items and not return it. They then replied with "Why would I? That's scamming". Even though they said that, I decided to keep an eye out. I checked their trade list and it looked like this:

Items that are not worth much in AJPW.

I asked them why not make a fair trade. They said that this was a game. It didn't really answer my question, but I let it slide.

Finally, I told them that there's no way we can guarantee that we get our items back. They ignored me and left the sapphire shop.

That's where this post ends. Until next post!

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Random Saturday Ep. 28: Eggstravaganza

Hey all, Jade here, with the latest Random Saturday! Today I'll be talking about Animal Jam's Eggstravaganza pets.

The Eggstravaganza was introduced on April 13, 2017. This event allows Jammers to buy eggs that randomly hatch into one of multiple pets. There have been several different incarnations of this event, including the spooky version, the summer version, the fall version, and more. Each egg costs three diamonds and takes three days to hatch into a pet.

There have been a variety of different pets used as Eggstravaganza releases. The Pet Falcon, Pet Baby Chick, Pet Crocodile, Pet Platypus, Pet Echidna, Pet Crow, Pet Poodle Moth, Pet Vulture, Pet Millipede, Pet Sparrow, Pet Cardinal, and Pet Frilled Lizard have all been released in the past. Currently, the Pet Millipede, Pet Poodle Moth, and Pet Vulture are available for purchase.

Jammers have many different opinions on the Eggstravaganza pets. Some think that the challenge of getting a certain kind of pet from the randomized process is fun and makes for an exciting surprise, while others think that it is unfair and you should simply be able to pick which pet you get, rather than wasting diamonds. But, whichever side you take, we can all agree that these pets make a cute addition to the game of Animal Jam!

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Skralkx (Unknown, Youtube)

Hey all, Blue here with another Scammer post!
Today, this post is in regards with a scammer called Skralkx, a scammer on youtube.
This person is one of the best at scamming I've ever seen, and he/she is very convincing. So reminder: DON'T DO TRUST TRADES
Unfortunately they have blocked their user in all their vids, as well as the people getting scammed so you can't ask them who it was that they lost their items to. 
They have a reasonably large following, and their most recent video was 3 weeks ago. 
Please watch out for anyone that fits their description and make sure to report any scammers you come across while exploring Jamaa!

Thats all from my short post today,
Stay safe, Jam On!

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Monthly Update - August

What's up everyone! I'm back with your next Monthly Update!

One of the more important things I want to address is the new rule of probation. A member will be put on probation if they rejoin after being removed from inactivity, get 3 warnings as a gamma, or when they just got promoted from omega to gamma. When someone is on probation, they cannot get any warnings during the period of probation. Otherwise, they will be removed from the society.

Next, Gamma Tiger has been removed again due to inactivity, and Gamma Marshmellow has been put on probation due to getting three warnings.

Also, I apologise on behalf of the whole society for the inconsistent posting last month. Sorry about that!

Finally, we finished the Race Through Jamaa Event with Flint winning the prize! Don't worry though, I have ideas for future contests.

That's all, have fun and stay safe!

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Random Saturday Ep. 27: Birthstones

Hey guys, Flint here to talk about birthstones. 

Birthstones are a collection of items sold in Epic Wonders. They were introduced in January 2013 along with the Birthstone Display. Each birthstone is 1,500 gems, with the Birthstone Display being 1,000. 

The items are small pieces of crystal/gem surrounded by gold in small holders. The crystals correspond to real birthstones, and each month has its own. The list goes as follows:

January = Garnet
February = Amethyst
March = Aquamarine
April = Diamond
May = Emerald
June = Pearl
July = Ruby
August = Peridot
September = Sapphire
October = Opal
November = Topaz
December = Turquoise

There is a display item that has spots for each birthstone. It looks like this, with all the spots filled.

For any interested, birthstones are a real thing, and you can find out more about them here


Friday, 30 August 2019

Sashimi Scams (YouTube)

Hey all, Jade again, with the latest scammer post! Today I've got another YouTube scammer- Sashimi Scams.

This scammer posted a video on August 25 on their YouTube channel titled "Scamming Tutorial! - How to Scam in Animal Jam", detailing how to run a small giveaway scam.

They've also posted four other videos on their channel of them scamming various items from Jammers. Unfortunately, they don't have their username in any of their videos. However, please be wary if you see anyone displaying similar behaviors to them! Don't trust giveaways, and always put saftey over possible gain. Stay safe out there, Jammers!

Monday, 26 August 2019

Agent Insights ep.18: What to do if you get scammed

Hey all! Blue here with todays Agent Insights!!
Today I will tell you what to do if you get scammed, whether its a trust trade or any other type of scam out there. 
Firstly, you should never ever do trust trades with anyone, even your best friend. Almost always they will end out in scams, and AJHQ will not refund your items, bringing me to my second point. 

Many of us in AJ's community know what its like to be scammed, myself included, which is why I joined SASS. however, if you get trust trade scammed, AJHQ will not return your items, saying it was the "Jammers choice" and that they should have been smarter. So, DONT DO TRUST TRADES!!!

There are many other scams out there, from things like "gift me and i'll gift back"; "can I just try them on?"; and many more. Some of these, including if you get hacked, AJHQ will give you your items back if you message them. 

If you get scammed, make sure you report the scammer and then go to AJHQ's help page and send them a message about the scam and what you were scammed, including the date, as long as it wasn't a trust trade, and they will help you as best as they can.

Thats all for me, 
stay safe, jam on!